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with Neo Exam's AI-Powered Platform

Neo Exam is an award-winning assessment platform designed to host and conduct 100% secured exams. We help universities & colleges in the accurate implementation of all kinds of examinations with our robust platform and its scalable features while maintaining high integrity. Driven by Artificial Intelligence & proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, Neo Exam provides a holistic solution to all your examination needs.

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Use Cases

Where Neo Exam comes in handy?


End Semester Examinations

Semester Examinations are the quintessential activity for every college/ university, because those are the deciding criteria of students’ grade. So,  it is an utmost concern for the institution to maintain legitimacy in conduct of examination and follow the norms of education councils like AICTE, NBA & NAAC in publication of results.

Neo Exam’s state-of-the-art proctoring feature relieves the burden and gives you hand in conducting 100% secured online examinations, and also makes sure that the Examination cell is just one-click-away from downloading the report in the required format.


Admission/ Entrance Examinations

The first & Foremost necessity of most universities is, conducting a pre-admission examination to ensure that the ideal fit of students is being enrolled in their institution.

In conducting entrance exams there lies this hectic task of managing Exam Schedules & Test Centers. Say no more! Neo Exam’s on your side.


Internal Examinations

Any university mandatorily has to conduct Internal Exams before hosting the full-fledged semester exams.

Given the remote situation, it’s hard for the institution to preserve its authenticity in scoring & grading. Neo Exam’s scalable security features, got you covered through it.

College/ university can strongly consider adopting our online-based examination solutions even on-campus, saving abundant time spent on evaluation, digitizing scores & result publishing. And it’s also highly cost-efficient when compared to paper-based exams.

See to Believe!​

Why choose Neo Exam?

Examinations, on-the-go!

Cross-platform capability with popular browser support and low bandwidth requirements.

AI Proctoring

Our AI-powered invigilator allows you to conduct examinations without any human intervention.

24x7 Support

Dedicated account manager to resolve all the queries of the students and the faculty members.


What our clients are saying?

Neo Exam has saved more than 300+ hours in evaluating and fasten the process of result publication by 65% than it takes during the conventional way of conducting Examinations.
Manpower required to conduct the Semester Examinations have been cut into half with the help of Neo Exam's infinite features and their pro-active support team.
Neo Exam saved us from the hectic task of managing the Entrance examination schedule and venue! Also, the expenses are reduced drastically than the usual examinations.
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